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Most frequent questions and answers

You can track the latest status of your shipment on our website with the Tracking ID/Order ID given to you

This could possibly mean two things:
1). Your shipment might have been damaged in transit
2). The merchant has sent the wrong shipment
Please get in touch with your merchant directly for further clarification.

If a shipment is lost in our network, we immediately intimate your merchant with the shipment status. Please get in touch with your merchant and you will be remitted accordingly.

When the shipment is out for delivery, it will be delivered to you anytime between 10:00AM to 8:00PM on the scheduled day of delivery.

To get the shipment delivered at your preferred time, you can avail slotted delivery service through ‘manage your shipments’ on the tracker page.

Yes, you can select this information in ‘manage your shipments’ on the tracker page and we will update it from our end.

As a part of the company policy, we do not share the phone numbers of our delivery agents. However, please be assured that our representatives will contact you if they face any difficulty in locating your address.

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